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About Us

Airtec Solutions provides consultancy, maintenance and replacement solutions for your existing Compressed Air, HVAC assets and mechanical services infrastructure. 

Airtec Solutions are independent experts with years of experience and knowledge providing a variety of services with the aim to optimise your system. Our results will reduce energy consumption, benefiting you with lower operating costs. 


These savings vary at each facility, but the results across the board have been staggering. Companies are achieving on average a 35% reduction in annual energy costs.  

Ensuring system compliancy by offering, Written Schemes of Examination, inspections and thorough testing on compressed air systems. 


A trusted partner providing customised and sustainable solutions. 


Our Customer Promise

Our commitment is to always provide a personalised service that improves the built environment for your stakeholders, team and valued customers. 

We will do this by providing authentic customised maintenance, servicing, repair and replacement solutions for your existing HVAC assets and mechanical services infrastructure.

With integrity at the core of everything we do, we strive to provide sustainable, innovative and cost effective solutions.

Why Work With Airtec Solutions?

You'll have a collaborative partner working alongside you to improve the efficiency and longevity of your equipment and mechanical plant assets, while improving your built environment. Our commitment is to deliver a customised experience that will be:


problem solving with care, accountability and authenticity


solutions combining experience and technology customised to your existing equipment


customised solutions delivered integrity


we stive to provide long term solutions that improve both the built and natural environment 

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